The group is successful in raising third party funding. Here, you can find our currently running projects funded from the DFG and ministry of culture and science of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

CRC1639 NuMeriQS

The CRC initiative NuMeriQS brings together scientists from the fields of theoretical particle, nuclear, and condensed matter physics and theoretical chemistry on the one hand with mathematicians and computer scientists on the other hand in a truly interdisciplinary effort to improve our understanding of the structure and dynamics in quantum systems. NuMeriQS aims to leverage the sophisticated numerical methods developed separately in physics and chemistry by confronting them with the state of the art in numerical mathematics and computer science to tackle the central challenges all fields investigating complex quantum systems face. The initiative comes at a time where potentially transformative technologies become available, like the first exascale computing installations, or promise to become available, like digital quantum computers.


Since 2012 we are funded by the DFG as part of the Sino-German Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 110 Symmetries and the emergence of structure in QCD, which is a joint venture between on the one side University of Bonn, Technical University Munich, University of Bochum and on the other side Peking University and IHEP.

We are part of three projects in the CRC 110: project A2 with focus on hadron-hadron scattering from lattice QCD, A10 with focus on Symmetry-violating hadronic interactions from lattice QCD, and B12 with focus on Parton Distribution Functions on the Lattice.


Since fall 2022 the network NRW-FAIR is funded by the ministry of culture and science of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. NRW-FAIR is a network of highly qualified physicists dedicated to research in the fascinating fields of hadron and particle physics. The network comprises many groups from all over NRW. More details can be found on the network’s webpage.